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Rebuild Trust

Infidelity is heartbreaking and emotionally devastating but newfound understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and hope are possible. Did you know the research shows that the majority of couples can rebuild trust and finish science-based couples therapy with their marriages in a much better place? Marin-Cordero & Christensen (2014), Atkins et al. (2010), and Gordon et al. (2004) found that couples working on rebuilding trust in couples therapy reach a marital satisfaction equal to couples not having experienced infidelity, and that relationship satisfaction extends well past the end of the couples therapy. Invest in your relationship and start the healing process. 

  • go through the Gottman three step Trust Revival Method

  • hear the hurt partner's pain and express remorse

  • take accountability for the affair without blaming the hurt partner

  • attune and build a new relationship with a better foundation

  • develop an agreement to prevent any future betrayals

  • and more

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