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Here For Your Relationship

Hitting the same roadblocks over and over again with your spouse? It might be time to seek help from a licensed professional. An 85-year Harvard study found the No. 1 thing that makes us happier, healthier, and live longer is positive relationships. My Couples Counseling sessions help patients develop positive attitudes towards each other and learn healthy communication patterns.

The Gottman Method I use is backed by decades of research and is is shown to have an effect size that is twice as much as that of other marital/couples therapies.​ I have the highest level of training and expertise in the Gottman Method by being a Certified Gottman Therapist. This approach is structured and practical for couples. 

  • improve communication, intimacy and relationship satisfaction

  • manage conflict better

  • manage ADHD, depression, anxiety

  • anxious/avoidant attachment styles

  • build empathy and trust

  • more passion and better sex life

  • learn to compromise

  • effectively repair after a fight

  • have fun together

  • manage household tasks well

  • manage strong emotions

  • eliminate negativity & criticism

  • stop domestic violence

Contact me today and let me help your relationship thrive.

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